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Trail Camera Setup
Setup you Trail Camera here

Begin with selecting your camera model

Set Camera Send Settings

Max nr/day 0-99 (Value 0 = unrestricted)
Set time for report sending
Send Mode:
Choose Instant if you wish your camera to send all material instantly. Choose Daily Report if you want a summary for each day. Choose Off if you want to disable picture sending.
Send Via:
Choose between MMS-sending or Mobile Data e-mail sending. Note! E-mail sending is usually less expensive than MMS-sending is.
Send To:
Select Phone if you chose MMS-sending. Select Email if you chose Mobile Data/Email sending. Select Both if you chose MMS-sending and you wish to receive pictures to both phone and email.

Set Camera Options

a-z, A-Z and 0-9 only
Picture Max Size (KB):
Select the max size of pictures between 35-120KB.
SMS Remote Control:
Select if remote control via SMS-message is activated on camera. Also input your mobile phone number here if SMS-remote is activated.
Rename Camera:
You can rename your pictures with a – z or A – Z or 0 – 9. No other characters allowed.

Set recipients

Select your operator

Email Server Settings

Almost finished...

Trail Camera setup is almost complete. Save the settings profile to a SD-memory card on your computer using the instructions below. Complete the setup by inserting the memory card to your camera.
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